17 March 2019

New MPA established in Philippines includes community-led monitoring program

Abstract: "A new marine protected area (MPA) has been founded in the Philippines within what are considered some of the most biologically diverse waters on Earth. The new MPA, which has been given the name Pirasan, encompasses more than 54 acres (about 22 hectares) of thriving coral reef habitat. The MPA was designed to protect this pristine reef system and, at the same time, boost an emerging local ecotourism industry. In addition to establishing the new protected area, the municipality of Tingloy has committed to a uniquely ambitious two-year program to monitor the reef’s health and empower local residents as stewards of the reef."

Read More: https://news.mongabay.com/2019/03/new-mpa-established-in-philippines-includes-community-led-monitoring-program/

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